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Middle East

"I've had the pleasure of being able to work with Music Concierge since 2007 in four very different properties and I've always been delighted with their creativity and results.”

Jason Harding,
General Manager, Taj Dubai

Commercial overview

Over the last two decades, the modern Middle East has worked hard to create a global reputation for luxury hospitality and high-end retail, nurturing a densely competitive market of ultra-premium hotel brands and haute fashion outlets.

In this relatively short space of time, ambitious luxury brands have raised the bar in terms of design, service and innovation. In locations such as Dubai, Doha, Marrakech and Abu Dhabi, properties are packed in tight and fighting for attention – differentiation is essential to survival.

Level Shoes District store - a client of Music Concierge
Musician playing instrument cross-legged on floor

Creative understanding

The Middle East is at the crossroads of the world, a meeting point of globetrotting cosmopolitans as well as the home of musically diverse international cultures.

It takes on-the-ground insight to craft original brand playlists that look beyond ‘anodyne international luxury’ or ‘foreigner-friendly Arabian’. Close understanding is essential to accurately translate local music heritage, the lifestyle of a diverse international clientele and the personality of the brand into an engaging and authentic soundtrack.

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case study

case study

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