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"Music Concierge should be any forward-thinking brand owner’s first port of call because they are the best at what they do."

James Lohan
Mr & Mrs Smith

Commercial overview

Australasia is one of the world’s most alluring destinations and a unique commercial environment.

The spectacular landscapes, strong, stable economy and established hospitality infrastructure of Australia and New Zealand have won the attention of tourists across the globe and engendered ongoing growth in the hotel sector. The last decade or so has seen Australasia evolve from must-see gap-year stop-off into a destination for affluent international travellers in search of high-end adventure and relaxation.

Group of happy friends drinking in the sunshine
Sydney Opera House by night

Creative understanding

For a region with an astonishingly diverse mix of nationalities, religions and ethnic backgrounds, it can be surprising quite how generic much of the music played in Australasia’s hotels, restaurants and retailers can be.

When it comes to creating a soundtrack, Music Concierge looks beyond the obvious, the clichéd and the everyday to create fresh, inspiring music mixes that truly belong to the setting and which move people to enjoy the moment.

Our Australasian creative team builds signature playlists that mix and match genres and artists to develop new and imaginative sounds.

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