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Technical, Delivery & Support


The Perfect Sound

Music Concierge isn’t just a creative powerhouse when it comes to crafting playlists. We also have the technical expertise and top-flight playlist software and hardware platforms necessary to consistently deliver the highest quality sound, and a 24/7 global support system in place to keep the music playing, day in, day out

Audio quality and delivery

As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing worse than great music played badly. That’s why we ensure that the sound quality of the tracks and the way the music is played back is as good as the tunes.

Studio-quality audio

Every track we supply is formatted to the highest quality possible (320kbps) to maximise the richness of the audio and the clarity of the playback. You don’t get that from other music companies. We care about great sound because great sound = great experience.

Advanced volume-levelling

We don’t compromise on quality by allowing any compression or playback limitations; instead, we’ve developed music playlist software that automatically analyses the track’s dynamic range and adjusts the output volume accordingly – ensuring it’s perfectly matched to the atmosphere you need to create. This keeps the sound level consistent across the playlist – without sacrificing the character of the track.

Consistent crossfades

No uncomfortable silences – every track seamlessly fades into the next, maintaining a constant, fluid mix of music throughout the day.

Time-tailored playlists

The rhythm of your day demands different sounds at different times. Music Concierge playlists are designed to ensure you get the right music at the perfect moment to play it. Our platform allows us to schedule tracks in advance, so the sound is always appropriate to the mood and tempo of the setting – any time and every day.

On-demand ambience

Whether there’s a special event taking place or the bar has become unexpectedly busy, on-demand playlists give you and your team the freedom to change the mood to match the moment. We can deliver as many on-demand playlists as you need, so no matter what happens, you always have always the right music to play.

Technical solutions

Our tailored music platform is highly sophisticated and endlessly versatile, allowing us to supply – and instantly update – creative music solutions anywhere in the world.

Flexible delivery options

Music Concierge’s bespoke audio player can be supplied as downloadable software that can be easily installed on your own servers. Alternatively, we can supply and install our purpose-built music system – either as a solid-state single channel player or, for more complex AV environments, a rack-mounted multi-channel music server.

Multiple channels

Our downloadable software player can supply up to 16 channels of music from a single server, while our multi-channel hardware players can supply up to three channels per device, allowing us to soundtrack numerous different settings from a central source. Whether it’s a lobby, retail outlet, bar, spa or restaurant, Music Concierge can ensure each area has a playlist to match its mood and enhance its atmosphere.

Remote content control

Music Concierge players are connected by the internet to a central distribution platform. This means we can monitor, schedule and update playlists anywhere in the world, without anyone at the venue having to touch a button. Your playlists are regularly refreshed and replenished with new tracks, so you’re never out of date. Tracks also never play in the same order so no two days will ever sound the same.

Cross-platform interactivity

Our technical platform is designed to integrate with a range of additional services from our wider agency network. We have the resources and technology to combine Music Concierge audio with the creation of digital signage, interactive touchscreens, mobile apps, creative video content, or any other tech-based branding tools you require.

Technical support

We’ve engineered our delivery system to ensure consistent performance and reliability, but if any issues arise, we make sure we’re around to fix them, day or night.

Responsive support

Our skilled support engineers are available 24/7 to address any technical issues with our media players. Because we have remote access to every player, around 99% of problems can be resolved instantly, either online or over the phone.

Local engineers

We have close, long-standing relationships with on-the-ground audio-engineering teams in most regions, so if there’s ever an issue with Music Concierge hardware, we can quickly dispatch someone to troubleshoot or replace as needed.

Licensed music playlists

Ensuring that the music you play is fully licensed and guaranteed to be legal can be an expensive headache. Music Concierge takes the hassle out of the process by making certain every track we supply is fully covered by applicable professional dubbing licenses, so you can enjoy peace of mind that your music supply is legal.