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"Your music selection is excellent and the best we have ever had at One&Only Palmilla. All outlets are truly enjoying your choices."

Peter Bowling,
Managing Director
One&Only Palmilla, Mexico

Commercial overview

In the North: the world’s leading luxury hotel market and its most sophisticated hospitality scene. In the South: a dynamic cluster of countries capturing the attention of global consumers. And in the middle, a sun-drenched host of perennial-favourite holiday destinations.

For an ambitious lifestyle brand, the Americas are an exciting place to be. But change is afoot on both its continents.

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Cropped shot of Bleecker Street record shop

Creative understanding

The Americas are home to a gloriously diverse musical culture, from the tango rhythms of Argentina at one end to the Katajjaq throat songs of the Inuits at the other.

Jazz, bluegrass, Motown, samba, reggae, blues, calypso, gospel, ska, funk carioca… It’s hard to think of any other part of the world with such a rich kaleidoscope of social identities written in sound. For any hotel, restaurant, bar or store in the Americas seeking to express itself and inspire its customers through music, there’s an endlessly varied palette to paint from. The trick is getting it right.

The Music Concierge team is experienced in drawing on regional influences to craft soundtracks and playlists that connect with an audience and establish a palpable sense of place. We can imbue a Downtown Miami resort with cultural kudos, lend an air of timeless Gatsby glamour to a grand Hamptons retreat, or bring artsy urban edge to a hipster beach bar in Ipanema.

The right choice of music, delivered seamlessly, does more than enhance an atmosphere; it influences clientele behaviour, helping them relax or filling them with energy, inspiring them to linger longer, buy an another drink, eat another course, come back another day and bring friends. In the commercial climate of the Americas, where endless brand loyalty is a thing of the past and competition is growing fiercer every day, that’s more important than ever.

"Music Concierge created a deliberately quirky yet joyful sound that sets the brand apart."
Orlebar Brown

case study

case study