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Man searching through LP records in record shop

Music Concierge is one of the leading experts in the creation of brand identity through music, specialising in providing complex playlist solutions for some of the best-known names. For over a decade, we have been responsible for the signature sounds of internationally renowned hotel groups, iconic retailers and other branded spaces across the globe.

With more than 40 people spread across four continents, our global music consultancy has one of the biggest music teams dedicated to supplying, implementing and maintaining original, crafted playlists that work with their surroundings to make emotive and memorable brand statements.

Our hand-picked team has been drawn from across the professional music spectrum. They’re seasoned DJs, talented musicians and tech-savvy producers. They might have come from the BBC or MTV, the world of label management or the Shoreditch club scene, but what unites them is an encyclopaedic knowledge of and passion for music, and an in-depth understanding of how to develop a brand, target an audience and influence customer behaviour.

Never reaching for the obvious or generic, always in pursuit of the original, they are masters of employing music to set a scene, change a mood or send a message. Their collective experience and knowledge, coupled with an insatiable curiosity for discovering new sounds, is the creative heart of our business.

Man looking at Kool and the Gang LP

Thanks to our team’s size, versatility and experience, Music Concierge is able to both create tailored music programming and provide rapid-response operational support – 24/7, in every time zone and in many different languages. We manage multi-site roll-outs across the world, supply and maintain wireless delivery systems, and ensure seamless tech integration and optimal network performance.

Together, we specialise in developing playlists that tap straight into the tastes of your clientele, fit their local context and complement the aesthetics of the space. We can engage the imaginations of customers so that one drink turns into three, a five-minute browse in a store turns into half an hour, and a simple dinner gains the atmosphere (and spend) of a special occasion.

Music Concierge founder Rob Wood

Our founder, the DJ, journalist and music consultant Rob Wood, has been curating music and advising brands for his entire career. His vision, combined with the strategic insight of our dynamic senior management team, has enabled us to respond to the growing global demand for bespoke music services – extending our operational reach without compromising our creativity.

With regional directors based in South Africa, Australia, Dubai, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and expertise in music genres and styles from an ever-expanding range of countries, we can create and sustain bespoke audio brand identities for any kind of business, anywhere in the world – including yours.