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Music changes how people think, lifts their mood and influences their behaviour. Music Concierge specialises in using background music to create unique atmospheres and distinct brand identities for clients all over the world.

For over 10 years, we’ve been working with some of the most respected global names in hospitality, retail and more, crafting memorable signature playlists that surprise, delight and engage their audiences – and which are rooted in the personality of the brand and the aesthetics of the space.

Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood hotel



A hotel stands or falls by the quality of its guests’ experience. How it sounds plays a huge part in that.

The Music Concierge team lives and breathes hotels. We’ve developed hotel music with both boutique retreats and international hospitality groups for over a decade, and we understand that getting the sound of the brand right is as critical as its design and service.

We work with hotels to design signature playlists that communicate their unique brand identity, match the mood appropriate to the specific hotel area, and help turn restaurants and bars into destinations in their own right.

Thanks to our global operations, we have a nuanced understanding of cultural sensitivities (and licensing legislation) across territories and, with an ever-widening hotel knowledge of local genres and music traditions around the world, we develop playlists that nurture an authentic sense of place.

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The Music Concierge team crafts signature sounds for a host of iconic retailers worldwide, creating wow-factor in-store music and playlists that set them apart from the competition, reinforce their distinct brand identities and bring their retail concepts to life.

The right sound selection enhances a store’s atmosphere and emotionally engages its clientele, leading to increased browsing times and demonstrable bottom-line benefits.

Thanks to a technologically advanced delivery system and ongoing 24/7 support, Music Concierge saves staff the responsibility for managing music – bringing consistency and coherence to your soundtrack, no matter whether it’s a single shop or a multi-zone department store.

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It’s not just what they eat or drink that keeps people coming back to a restaurant, bar, café or members’ club – it’s the experience of spending time there. Lighting, design and service are integral elements of a space’s atmosphere – and often, it’s music that ties them all together.

Music Concierge specialises in the use of sound to influence atmosphere, creating a sense of theatre and storytelling that underpins the brand concepts behind the venue. Our tailor-made bar and restaurant music is distinct to each client, but always results in a warm, engaging ambience that can inspire guests popping by for a quick drink to settle in and make a night of it.

Through perfectly pitched playlists, attuned to the rhythms of the day’s trading pattern, Music Concierge helps venues develop unique audio identities that enrich customer experiences – and increase revenue as a result.

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Music has a tremendous influence on our emotional state; the right sound can lead to deeper levels of relaxation and soothe us physically and mentally.

Spa music needs to be seamless, considered and free from cliché: a scratchy panpipe CD isn’t going to cut it. With customers in a serene, semi-conscious state, any incongruous tracks or jarring juxtapositions threaten to bring them back to the stresses of the surface – we make sure the guest’s journey into relaxation remains fluid and uninterrupted.

Music Concierge works with leading spas around the world to develop signature sounds that reflect their design and concept, and which are tailored to suit different zones and treatment types. With extensive experience in crafting imaginative and original music for spas, Music Concierge creates atmospheres that inspire serenity from the point of entering to the moment your guests return to the world.

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Our agency group is not just all about music. Meet Earth+Sky - our exciting new sister agency offering world-class wellbeing solutions to hotels, spas, gyms, & work places.

Today customers are very focused on wellbeing. Virtual fitness and wellbeing classes are an innovative and easy way to raise the profile of wellness at your hotel, members club, office or gym.

The Earth+Sky Collection provides your audience with a huge variety of classes at a time they want, without hassle. The Earth+Sky solution allows guests to take virtual classes in a spa/gym studio setting, without the need for live instructors; or select classes in the privacy of their own room, or on their own devices.

The exclusive, premium wellness content features incredible instructors and amazing cinematic locations. The classes are created by leading fitness experts and influencers. They cover different disciplines such as meditation & restorative themes, core & alignment, flowing movement, and strength & power.

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Music in a workspaces is a proven productivity booster – if you get it right. Misjudged background music in offices can easily become a distraction, throwing workers off their flow, but a carefully crafted playlist not only lifts mood and morale, it can help improve concentration too.

Alongside design and ergonomics, sound is instrumental in transforming a lifeless corporate office into a welcoming environment that engages staff, reflects the ethos of the organisation and cultivates a sense of community.

For the new breed of co-working spaces, day-membership hot-desking clubs, and flexible offices, sound is integral to establishing a common culture, and building loyalty among members.

The Music Concierge team draws upon a far-reaching understating of the psychological impact of music – as well as years of experience in matching sounds to spaces and brands – to enhance workspaces of every type.

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Music Concierge doesn’t just use music to create compelling atmospheres on site; we can also extend a brand’s signature sound to every appropriate customer touch point, developing a comprehensive music strategy that brings consistency and emotional resonance to every facet of the brand experience.

That might include the creation of bespoke compilation albums that capture the essence of an establishment with an inspired music selection – spreading brand awareness as promotional items or retail products; the supply of original hold music for phone systems; the development of soundtracks for video content; or the creation of on-demand playlists for special events or circumstances.

We can also supply original compositions, compiling briefs, sourcing composers, overseeing development and securing rights for brand-specific music that can be modified for all customer touchpoints – giving you ownership of unique music that can be deployed as part of your sensory identity on any platform.

And, should you need music-related editorial for use in your online/print marketing or social media, we have journalists on the team who can deliver sparkling, imaginative and brand-attuned copy at the drop of a beat. Just ask.

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