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BBC Radio 3 - Music Concierge's Rob Wood speaks about luxury

Luxury can be a complex business. Ever-present in human history, evolving from one era to the next, luxury has always been a problematic, occasionally paradoxical concept, and those businesses that deal it are engaged in a balancing act between indulgence, success and exclusivity. And yet it has endured.

For BBC Radio 3’s Sunday Feature recently, the University of Sheffield’s Dr Seán Williams hosts a documentary on the enduring appeal of luxury, its social impact, and its present-day manifestations. His journey takes him from ancient Rome to modern Bond Street, calling in at some of the world’s leading hotels along the way, including the likes of Rosewood in London.

Among the cultural critics, master craftsman and brand leaders lending their voices, Music Concierge founder Rob Wood rocked up to share the sensory side of the luxury story, explaining how sound and music are used to define brands and elevate customer experiences in the world of the five-star boutique hotel.

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