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Making a moment: The art of letting go

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Many of us travel to beach resorts in order to forget our lives for a little while, to leave our everyday stresses in the departure lounge, and to shift the pace of our days to a different, gentler rhythm. The most successful hotels are those that understand how to facilitate this transition, and give their guests the sensory cues they need to ease themselves into serenity.

One such resort is Zuri Zanzibar, a village-style collection of 55 villas and bungalows spread out beside the immaculate sands of Unguja’s northern shore. Built on principles of sustainability and social responsibility, the independent resort aims to create a feeling of being removed from the worries of the everyday world. It’s a place to let go and live in the moment – without foregoing the creature comforts of a luxury beach resort.

Another important dimension of the Zuri Zanzibar philosophy is the need to cultivate an authentic sense of place. The resort’s clientele – predominantly well-travelled individuals from Europe and Asia – demand the luxurious standards of a high-end resort, but they also expect a genuine ‘Spice Island’ experience. Zuri Zanzibar’s architecture and interior design draw their inspiration from the lush tropical surroundings and the local Swahili culture – as well as the island’s history as a key port on the trade routes with Arabia.

The Music Concierge team were called upon to ensure this distinctive sense of place was also reflected in the sound of the resort, and that, wherever guests went, they would be aurally encouraged to cast aside distractions and be ‘present’ in the moment.

By weaving together a contemporary musical identity from diverse cultures – a sort of ‘Afro-Euro-Arabesque’ – we developed a master-brand sound that could be used as the basis for seven distinct music channels in various zones within the resort. Adapted to suit the function of each zone and adjusted in tempo to match the time of the day, these carefully tailored channels help shape guests’ moods and memories as they move from place to place. At the same time it never distracts them from the most important thing: ditching mental baggage and being present in the moment.