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Speaking from experience: Where restaurant brands go wrong with audio

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Women raising their glasses and enjoying a meal in a restaurant

For brand marketeers, a well-rounded, immersive customer experience is pretty much the holy grail. In the hospitality trade, it’s what gets your customers through the door, keeps them at the table, and brings them back the following week – ideally with friends in tow.

Get every sensory touchpoint right, and you have a memorable brand and a successful business. Neglect or misjudge a single element, and you risk alienating your customer even before the first plate is served.

In August, food and drink marketing specialist Mark McCulloch invited Music Concierge founder Rob Wood to be interviewed for The Spectacular Marketing Podcast  – an essential listen for anyone in the bar and restaurant business. They explored how music can make or break a customer’s experience – not just in terms of content, but also the quality of the delivery system. They discussed the brands who are getting it right; and pinpointed the pitfalls that the ones getting it wrong often stumble into.

Listen now at Mark’s podcast website or stream from iTunes or Spotify.