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Hurlingham Travel interview featuring Rob Wood of Music Concierge July 2017

“I have always enjoyed discovering music and presenting it to people as a magazine editor, DJ or curator. Introducing people to great music they did not know is one of the common threads in my career. Music Concierge was a natural extension of that.”

MA People October 2018

Ultimate Library newsletter - Rob Wood founder of Music Concierge 15th January 2018

Rob Wood, Founder of Music Concierge, speaks to Ultimate Library.

Itz'ana Resort Belize article November 2017

“A game changing partnership: Music Concierge and Bar Lab at Itz’ana”

In House article featuring interview with Rob Wood of Music Concierge July 2013

“We emotionally connect to the music that we love.
It can build a powerful, memorable bond between the listener and the artist, or indeed the place that is playing the music.”

Caterer and Hotelkeeper article featuring Music Concierge December 2012

“Don’t take music for granted.

Hearing is the second most important human sense. Your guests are experiencing your brand through sound whether you like it or not.”

Sleeper article featuring Rob Wood of Music Concierge January 2013

“We all eat food, but we wouldn’t dream of designing a menu.
The chef should do that. Likewise we all love music, but knowing where to find great music and how each track affects people should be left to experts. Guests are unlikely to appreciate the F&B staff’s favourite dance tunes especially at tea time.”

Sleeper article about music in spas with Rob Wood of Music Concierge May 2013

“Music’s impact on humans both emotionally and physically means it can play an integral role in relaxing us.

Music can calm us and take us somewhere else as we drift between consciousness and sleep on the treatment room table.”

Burgess featuring playlist by Rob Wood of Music Concierge February 2013

“Rob Wood is a DJ, published author and music journalist,
as well as the founder and creative director of the award-winning music consultancy service Music Concierge… clients include many of the world’s top hotels and clubs, bars and spas, restaurants and retail brands, from The Savoy and Harrods, to Mr & Mrs Smith and One&Only Cape Town.”

House & Garden Hotels By Design article featuring Music Concierge March 2013

“Bespoke music playlist by Music Concierge. As heard at the Ampersand Hotel, London.