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Speaking from experience: Where restaurant brands go wrong with audio

For brand marketeers, a well-rounded, immersive customer experience is pretty much the holy grail. In the hospitality trade, it’s what gets your customers through the door, keeps them at the table, and brings them back the following week – ideally …


Fit for Purpose – Music & The New Generation of Gyms

All over the world, the culture of exercise has transformed. Fitness has become a statement of identity to the millennial audience – and music is the heartbeat of the revolution… Travel back in time five or six years, go to …


Why brands should be in tune with music

Music has a powerful effect on the mind and should not be an after-thought for brand experiences, says Rob Wood, creative director and founder of Music Concierge. Music has an extraordinary effect on human beings. Sound is our second-most important …


Resonating with millennials

Music Concierge’s Andrew Lytollis explores music’s role in the new generation of brands that are focused on appealing to Millennials… ‘Millennial’ is a term that is bandied about with increasing frequency in 2016, spawning a glut of thinkpieces and navel-gazing …


Hotels get in on the social scene

Andrew Lytollis gets friendly with the rise of the more social hotel lobby space… What do many entrepreneurs, bloggers, tech start-ups and creatives all have in common? They are all predominantly based outside the confines of a fixed office space …


The sound of success

Music Concierge founder Rob Wood considers how the soundscape of a restaurant or bar can hold the key to commercial survival… A couple of years ago, I was in Manhattan meeting a client face to face for the first time. …